Root Booster Premium 3.0.1 APK Cracked is Here! [LATEST]

Root Booster Premium 3.0.1 APK Cracked is Here! [LATEST]

Root Booster Premium 3.0.1 APK Cracked is Here! [LATEST]Root Booster Premium 3.0.1 APK is an app that is intelligent improve the performance and battery life of your Android tablet or the phone. The app applies some settings that are crucial your device ensure it operates smoothly as well as its battery also lasts long. By modifying some core configuration, Root Booster 3.0.1 APK ensures that your particular device’s processing power isn’t utilised by useless apps too as it terminates several backgrounds that are unnecessary to prolong the battery life of Android phones and tablets.

You will find many apps that save battery or enhance performance. However, Root Booster APK uses the most settings which are proven achieve the best results. You can certainly apply these settings with preset modes which ensure speed boost, battery pack stability or boost. These modes are attained by using appropriate settings to your phone that is primary. Check out explanations for just what particularly Root Booster APK does to your CPU, RAM and Android OS system.

Why Root Booster Premium?

System Cleaner

Cleans folders that are empty gallery thumbnails and uninstalled apps trash to speed up your device and free your storage up.


Hibernation disables and freezes apps operating in the background to enhance battery pack life and cleanse your device.

Cache Cleaner

Each application produces unnecessary files that make use of your SD card or storage that is internal space. Eliminating cache files by one faucet to free up space can help you to reclaim storage and optimise and speed your Android system up.

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