HxD Hex Editor Free Download

HxD Hex Editor Free Download

HxD Hex Editor Free DownloadHxD Hex Editor has an easy, easy-to-use interface which has lots of features, including checksums/digests, looking and changing, exporting, insertion of byte patterns, concatenation or splitting of files, a file shredder, and data. HxD Hex Editor is a smartly designed, fast hex editor that handles files of any size. Also, you can work with raw disk editing and RAM modification.

The information that is hexadecimal be adjusted to match the window width, also HxD Hex Editor Free Download is achievable to determine the number of bytes per row. You can choose the charset, offset base, visible columns, and the group that is a byte, get statistics, compare files, generate and compare checksums such as CRC16, CRC32, SHA1, SHA512, MD5 and lots of others.

You can choose a block by indicating the offset range and positional numeral system use a search and replace the function with filters, and jump to a particular offset and set the point that is relative. You can open the main memory of a procedure that is running open a disk or disk image, concatenate, split or shred files, integrate HxD to the Explorer context menu, enable automated backups, personalize colors and fonts, and other people.

HxD Hex Editor Free Download functions are streamlined to hide distinctions that are purely technical.  Drives and memory are presented as a file and shown as a complete, unlike other editors who might restrict data in the display to a view that is sector/region-limited cuts off information which possibly belongs together. Drives and memory could be modified the method that is same a file and includes help for undo. Default hides Memory-sections that comprise an area that is foldable inaccessible parts.

HxD Hex Editor Screenshots

HxD Hex Editor Free Download


HxD Hex Editor Free Download

HxD Hex Editor Salient Features

  • Formatted output
  • Liberal but file that is safe along with other programs
  • Concatenating or splitting of files
  • Progress window for lengthy operations
  • Instant opening irrespective of file size
  • Shows the time that is remaining
  • Helps to determine the information variety of a variety
  • Cut, copy, paste insert, paste write
  • Flexible and fast looking
  • Memory parts tagged with data-folds
  • Basic information analysis
  • Overwrite or mode that is insert
  • To edit the memory that is main
  • Clipboard support for other hex editors
  • File shredder for safe file deletion
  • Insertion of byte habits
  • Editing and opening is quite fast
  • Hex files
  • Exporting of data to platforms that are several
  • Flicker display that is free fast drawing
  • replacing for a few data types
  • Graphical representation associated with the byte
  • Modified data highlighted
  • Available as a portable and version that is installable
  • Easy to utilize and interface that is modern

Bug Repairs

  • This was due to language that is neutral into the Version information that the OS does not support.
  • Tweaking of small details and functions that are internal
  • Whenever copying towards clipboard two times a mistake message showed up.
  • The offset edit-box of this Goto-window wasn’t always selected when the Goto window popped up.
  • An access breach error could occur whenever pasting text Additionally the Windows clipboard included formats which are special.
  • If BytesPerRow is larger than an amount that’s certain characters in the hex editor overlap.
  • Save file dialog could crash HxD.
  • Saving files whenever HxD is shutting works restricted to the archive within the screen that are active.


  • The change log exhibited in the Update-Checker screen is now formatted with indentations, bullet lists and makes links clickable.
  • RAM-Editor detects when a process ended up being terminated and refreshes the display to show only 1 area that folded encompasses the full range.
  • This also fixes issues that appeared when a procedure ended up being nevertheless exposed into the RAM-Editor after being ended.
  • Backup files are created such that all meta-data linked to a file, like alternative data channels, file attributes or time stamps, is preserved.
  • Opposed to replacing the file extension with .bak, now .bak is appended therefore maintaining the file extension.


  • Additionally, this noticeable modification now enables you to delete links, which wasn’t possible before.
  • The inadvertently stop from shredding the link-target whenever you supposed to shredder the link itself.

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HxD Hex Editor Free Download
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