Drive Genius 5.0 Crack & Keygen MAC OS X

Drive Genius 5.0 Crack & Keygen MAC OS X is HERE

Drive Genius 5.0 Crack & Keygen MAC OS X

Drive Genius 5.0 Crack & Keygen MAC OS X is HEREDrive Genius 5.0 Crack for Mac offers you faster performance from your own Mac while also protecting it. The award-winning and drivePulse that is improved. Its top features such as Defrag and DriveSlim can help keep your Mac operating fast. The all-new BootWell device enables you to produce a different bootable secondary drive to Defrag or Repair your primary drive that is hard. You may personalize and organize your Mac drive that is hard with IconGenius.

The applying has been made to work in spite of the enormity of the ongoing service had not been too hard. Drive Genius 5.0 Crack has too many functions which you may use to manage and fix your Mac’s drive. It could assist external and internal drives, including USB flash drives. There are a few limitations, of course. Drive Genius 5.0 Crack is designed primarily for the Mac. Therefore it’s most efficient with Mac drives that are formatted. Some functions aren’t available for drives arranged in other platforms, such as Windows NTFS and FAT and its particular variations.

The features which can be brand new not major, but do assist into the diagnosis process. Now you can confirm a disk before owning a defrag, a function that is really overdue for an instrument like this. Drive Genius 5.0 Crack will not run faster compared to the release that is past se, but as being a 64-bit system, it’s going to run faster on systems with a lot of RAM because of just how 64-bit software works. There clearly was also more feedback about your drive including information about bad sectors than the launch that is past.

Features including

  • Duplicates
  • Secure Erase
  • Clone
  • Speed Up
  • Defrag
  • DriveSlim
  • Repair
  • Scan to reallocate bad blocks
  • DrivePulse
  • Integrity Check
  • Initialize
  • Repartition
  • Duplicate
  • Shred
  • Benchtest
  • Sector Edit
  • And More


  • Drive Genius is delivered on a 16 GB USB 3 flash drive
  • DrivePulse monitors drive integrity in the background.
  • Checks and repairs most dilemmas that are drive could form.
  • Defragment utility lets you optimize drives.
  • Has erased that is safe beyond exactly what Apple provides.
  • Includes drive-cloning features.
  • BootWell produces a USB that is bootable flash with Drive Genius pre-installed.
  • Bits of help find and delete big or files which are the `duplicate.
  • Can now run Drive Genius resources on multiple drives concurrently.
  • Carries a quantity that is large of icons you can utilize to customize your Mac.

System Requirements:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

Drive Genius 5.0 Crack is newest features the comprehensive Malware Scan. Automate your spyware security. Protect your investment from any danger. The Malware Scan is the leading automated DrivePulse utility. DrivePulse monitors your computer through the background for a potential drive that is hard, problems now viruses. Drive Genius 5 automates the monitoring you total control over your hard drive for you and provides.

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